Volunteering at the CBA Music Camp

● This page refers to the CBA Summer Music Camp that takes place just before the CBA Father's Day Festival.   To volunteer at the CBA Father's Day Festival contact Deb Livermore (
● Volunteers need to be 18 years of ago (or older) and members of the California Bluegrass association ($25/yr to join).
● Most volunteers serve as TAs (Teacher Assistants) in the morning intensive classes; a few are Office Staff or Roustabouts.

Advantages of being a CBA Music Camp Volunteer
● You are comped into the Music Camp (meals and tenting covered, tuition waived).
● You can learn from the teachers you work with, both about teaching and about the material taught.
● You have free time to attend classes in the afternoons, concerts in the evenings, and jam late into the night.
● You are comped into the CBA Father's Day Festival (tenting covered, admission waived).

Teacher Assistants
● The TA's job is to help the teacher and the students as needed in and out of class.
● TAs need to be proficient on a relevant instrument (possibly voice) and have some experience with teaching.
● TAs need to arrive on site by Noon on Sunday, although arriving earlier to help set up is appreciated.
● TAs keep track of students: Count heads, check name tags against the class list. For any discrepancies, let us know.
● Learn what the instructor needs (get copies, chairs, water, play lead or backup, etc.). Ask us if you need help.
● If the class location is not working out, solve the problem! Move outside or ask about other options.
● During class, watch the students. If you see anyone struggling, do what you can to help them.
● Do what you can to control student talking/noodling in class. The other students will appreciate it!
● You're in charge of your classroom space: arrange the chairs as needed, deal with lost and found items, keep it clean.

Office Staff
● The Office Staff checks people in at the start of camp and provides info during the camp.
● Arrive Sunday morning to prepare to check students in on Sunday afternoon.
● Staff the office, answering questions and coordinating with the directors.
● Help pack up the office on Wednesday

● Roustabouts are responsible for the shade structures and moving items during camp.
● Retrieve the pop-up shade structures from the storage facility, assemble them, and distribute them on Saturday.
● Reposition the shade structures on Wednesday during the Father's Day Festival changeover.
● Take down and pack up the shade structures at the end of the festival on Sunday.

Tasks for All Music Camp Volunteers Outside of Class
● Attend the volunteer staff meeting on Sunday at 3:30.
● Carry a cellphone and make sure that Tina & Peter know the number for unanticipated tasks that arise.
● Help with chairs or other issues as needed.
● Drop by the office from time to time to see how things are going with the directors.
● Host one or more afternoon electives or evening jams.
● Help keep dogs and bicycles out of the fairgrounds during camp.
● Help newcomers adjust to camp, reach out to anyone looking lost and make an effort to include and encourage them in jams
● Possibly be a stage manager or MC for concerts (staff concert, student concert, volunteers concert)
● Possibly help host the Music Store Happy Hour and clean up afterwards

Tasks for All Music Camp Volunteers Outside of Camp
● Publicize the camp on social media: on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with hashtag #CBAcamp
● Publicize the camp to your friends: talk them into coming to camp, too
● Publicize the camp at music stores: we can provide posters and handbills
● Publicize the camp at performances: mention camp at gigs, give out handbills
● Publicize the camp on your website: link to the camp website
● Publicize the camp any way you can: there must be lots of ways we haven't thought of. . .
● Give an instructor or camper a ride from/to the airport or the Bay Area
● Host instructors or campers who need a place to stay the night before or after camp
● And did we mention publicizing the camp? We need more students!

To Apply as a CBA Music Camp Volunteer

Send email to indicating your interest and include all this information:
    Birthdate (m/d/y):
    CBA member number:
    Phone (cell?) and postal address
    Instrument(s) you play and level:
    How comfortable you are singing:
    Style(s) of music you play:
    Skill at assembling pop-up structures, lifting, etc.:
    Availability from the Saturday before camp to Father's Day:
    Years that you've attended the Father's Day Festival:
    Years that you've attended the CBA Music Camp:
    Any physical limitations:

Please let us know of any interest by the beginning of December. We start selecting the volunteers then and we inform everyone of the results by late January.

NOTE: If you send email to us and you have any kind of SPAM email filter, make sure it allows email messages from:
to get through.

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