You can give the gift of music
by giving a
CBA Music Camp Gift Registration

What better present could there be for that child who just got interested in bluegrass mandolin, or that spouse who has been trying to learn the fiddle, or that parent who just retired and has been talking about getting an open-back banjo? Give them a week at CBA Music Camp!

Let's say your daughter has been playing bluegrass music with her friends and you'd like to give her a camp registration for her birthday so she can take one of the instrumental classes. You're not even sure which one, but you'd like to encourage her interest.
You can arrange her gift registration either with full payment, or with as little as a $100 deposit. When you do, you'll get an ornate gift registration certificate to put under the Christmas tree or to present at the right moment, and a spot will be reserved for her. Then, in February during the first week when registration opens (Feb 7 - 14) she can fill in the regular registration form and make all the various selections (music class, t-shirt, meals) and you can pay any balance. If, for any reason, she doesn't want to register, (she has a schedule conflict, or doesn't see a class she likes, or switches to rock guitar, or whatever) you can get a full refund at that point.

Giving a CBA Music Camp Gift Registration is easy. First decide just how generous you want to be. You can look at the Registration Form to find out the cost of the various options and figure out just how much the registration will cost, or you can opt for a $100 deposit amount. Once you know the amount, there are two ways to arrange the gift:

• Method 1 - postal mail
Send the recipient's name, your name, and your address along with a check to:

CBA Music Camp Gift
PO Box 30183
Seattle, WA 98113-0183

• Method 2 - electronic mail
Email the recipient's name, your name, and your address to info@cbamusiccamp.org with a subject line that says: "CBA Music Camp Gift." Then arrange with your bank to send a check for the appropriate amount to the CBA Music Camp Gift address above.

In either case we will hold your deposit and mail you a receipt along with a personalized certificate to present as the announcement of your gift.

You can get a full, no-questions-asked refund up until February 14th. After that you can still get a refund, but we will twist your arm to make a contribution to the scholarship fund.