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Music Camp All-Stars 2013

Levels, Classes, & Instructors for 2015


Level 1: Advanced beginner. By this we mean that you already know the basics of how to play your instrument (and tune it!) and can play some songs or tunes, if not up to tempo, at least not agonizingly slowly.

Level 2: Intermediate. By this we mean that you are quite comfortable with your instrument, and have at least some experience playing with other people. And you tune without even being asked!

Level 3: Upper intermediate. You should have at least two years of playing experience, including some experience playing with others in jam sessions or in bands.


If you’re uncertain which level is right for you, consider whether you’d rather take it slow and easy, or be more challenged, and sign up accordingly. We will allow for some adjustments as needed the first day.



• Band-Lab / Ensemble Classes

Bluegrass Band— level 1/2

Bluegrass Band— level 3

Old-Time Band— level 2/3


• Banjo Classes

Bluegrass Banjo— level 1

Bluegrass Banjo— level 2/3

Old-Time Banjo— level 2/3


• Bass Classes

Bass— level 1

Bass— level 2/3


• Dobro Classes

Bluegrass Dobro— level 1/2

Bluegrass Dobro— level 3


• Fiddle Classes

Beginning Fiddle— level 1

Bluegrass Fiddle — level 2/3

Old-Time Fiddle — level 2/3

• Guitar Classes

Guitar with Singing — level 1/2

Rhythm Guitar— level 1/2

Guitar Soloing — level 2/3


• Mandolin Classes

Bluegrass/Old-Time — level 1

Bluegrass/Old-Time — level 2

Bluegrass/Old-Time — level 3


• Singing Classes

Styles — level 2/3

Harmony — level 2/3

• Fungrass Class

Bluegrass/Old-Time — level 0/1


* Single asterisks mark classes that are almost full. To attend one of these classes, sign up right away!

** Double asterisks mark classes that are full. You can still try to get into these classes, but you should probably have a second choice, just in case.

Last updated 4/19/14


The instructors for the 2015 CBA Grass Valley Music Camp are still being chosen. We expect to be able to announce them well before Christmas, so stay tuned!